Fiedeldij/Mategot wall lamp for Artimeta

Wall lamp by Artimeta Soest, design attributed to Mathieu Matégot and Floris Fiedeldij, Holland, 1950s.
Highly attractive adjustable wall mount lamp in black and yellow. Dimensions max width 112 cm. Shade H x Ø 22.5 cm. The lamp is in very good original condition.
According to advertisments in 1950s magazine Goed Wonen the lamp is referred to as Mategot product.
Some Artimeta catalogues refer to this lamp as a design of Floris Fiedeldij.

After the second world war, Artimeta was one of the Dutch companies that became succesfull producing metal furniture and lighting designs in a light and modernist style. Artimeta started collaborating with international designers, ao Mathieu Matégot.

Designer: Mathieu Matégot and Floris Fiedeldij attr.
Manufacturer: Artimeta Soest
Year: ca 1957
Material: metal, lacquered metal, chrome
Measurements: 22.5 cm H x 112 cm W ø 22.5 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: very good
Price: SOLD