Gijs van der Sluis daybed sofa

Gijs van der Sluis sofa/daybed 540 for Gispen, Holland, 1961. The sofa can easily be transformed into a bed. Black square metal base. New foam and new woolen De Ploeg mustard yellow upholstery. Very good condition, fully restored.

Model Reference nr: 3972210
Designer: Gijs van der Sluis
Manufacturer: Gispen
Model: model 540
Year: 1961
Material: metal, wool
Measurements: 72 x 192 x 71 CM (D x W x H) SH 42 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: very good
Price: SOLD

Gijs van de Sluis_Gispen_daybed_sofa_yellow_wool_dutch_5