Iconic Pair of Dinamarquesa Armchairs by Jorge Zalszupin

Exceptional pair of 1960s edition sculptural Dinamarquesa lounge chairs designed by Brazil’s modernist master Jorge Zalszupin, Brazil, 1959. Inspired in the classic line of modern Danish furniture design, Jorge Zalszupin launched the Dinamarquesa armchair in 1959. -Dinamarquesa means Danish in Portuguese. The Brazilian identity is kept in the elegant clean lines and sculptural Caviona wood chair frames. We found this pair of 1960's chairs in original condition. They are have been fully restored and reupholstered in a natural white linen.

Designer: Jorge Zalszupin
Model: Dinamarquesa lounge chair
Year: 1959
Material: linen, caviona
Measurements: H 70 cm x W 67 cm x D 75 cm
Quantity: 2
Condition: excellent restored condition
Price: On request