Kjell Richardsen dining chairs 1960

Rare set of four Tönnestav dining chairs designed by Kjell Richardsen for Tynes Møbelfabrik, Norway 1960. This beautiful set of stackable dining chairs with continuous formed wood slats and chrome supports is made of plywood teak slats. The chairs were only produced for a short period of time in 1960. The chairs are in excellent condition and are marked "Made in Norway" underneath the seats. The resemblance with Hans Brattrud's Scandia chair may be obvious. It caused a bit of a stir in the Norwegian design community in 1960 when it became the cause of a court case between Richardsens manufacturers Tynes Möbelfabrik and Hove Möbelfabrik, the manufacturer of Brattruds 1957 Scandia chair. Richardson was accused of plagiarism. It should be added that Richardson and Brattrud went to design school together in the 1950's. Laminated bentwood was the new thing at the time and it seems quite likely that the original idea for both Tönnestav and Scandia could come from a common project. The Tönnestav chair was designed in 1960, put in production in 1960 and taken out of production later the same year.
A rare find!

Model Reference nr: 8942410
Designer: Kjell Richardsen
Manufacturer: Møbelfabrik
Year: 1960
Material: plywood, Steel, Teak
Measurements: 49x 58 x 83 CM (D x W x H)
Quantity: 4
Condition: excellent
Price: On request