Sculptural Brazilian coffee table

A round Brazilain sculptural coffee table with an X-shaped base and a beautiful and heavy glass top. Brazil, circa 1960. Sculptural table in the manner of Guiseppe Scapinelli. It is obviously a Brazilian design but also highly influenced by Italian design at the time. Very high quality table. The sculptural base is made of solid Brazilian tropical wood jacaranda. The sculptural legs are tapering towards the feet and up the support. The X- base has been sculpted from thick to thin and the edges are shaped from rounded to angular. The base supports a 2 cm/ 0.787 in. glass top with a diam. of 120 cm. The glass top is in flawless condition.

Model Reference nr: 8971411
Year: 1960
Material: Jacaranda, glass
Measurements: Ø 120 cm x H 45 cm
Quantity: 1
Condition: excellent
Price: SOLDt