Willem Lutjens shelving unit

Shelving unit in plywood, designed by Willem Lutjens for Den Boer Gouda, the Netherlands 1953. Beautiful and rare item with a nice open structure. Elegant and timeless design. These units were produced in different varieties.
This model with three large shelves features birch wooden stands and teak plywood shelves, a rare and beautiful version. Each shelve has curved ends, characteristic for this design by Lutjens. Very suitable to be used as a room divider. Easy to take apart and rebuilding will only take a few minutes and easy to ship. In very good original condition.

Designer: Wilhelm Lutjens
Manufacturer: Gouda Den Boer
Year: 1953
Material: plywood
Measurements: 30 x 150 x 80 CM (D x W x H)
Quantity: 1
Condition: good
Price: SOLD