Graphic designer and collector Judith Hopstaken founded Visavu Design in 2011. Visavu’s collection consists of pieces with strong design, beautiful materials and craftsmanship. Judith’s passion is to acquire the most rare and special pieces from all over Europe for the Visavu collection. To exhibit all these unique items, Visavu opened Galerie Visavu in 2016, a place where art and design comes together. Besides the changing collection of midcentury modern design furniture, lighting and accessories, you can also find objects of art from different artists. The aim is to sell the pieces in as good original condition as possible. Judith works with several professional craftsmen to restore the items back to excellent condition. Please do not hesitate to request a condition report as well as more detailed photographs when you find an item of your interest. Please feel free to email us with any questions before purchasing. Galerie Visavu is situated in “De Kazerne”, a beautiful military building from 1854 located in the Fortress of Woudrichem. A scenic medieval town in the centre of The Netherlands. Certainly worth a visit!