Purple Tuomas Table Light in by Yki Nummi for Stockmann-Orno, Finland, 1950s

Scandinavian Modern Tuomas table light designed by Yki Nummi for Stockmann-Orno, Finland, 1950. This delicate and timeless Tuomas floor lamp consists of two concentric conical acrylic covers in a gorgeous combination of colors. The outer shade is purple-grey and the inner shade is white. As a new material at the beginning of the 20th century, acrylic brought countless new possibilities to the design of lamps. In fact, Nummi used plastic quite without preconceptions. In his view, the interesting features of acrylic were its moulding capability, homogeneous nature and a better impact strength than that of glass. In addition to being filtered through the cover, light is also directed up and down. Yki Nummi summarised his vision by saying ”People don’t buy lamps, they buy light”.
The rare table light is no longer in production and is in good condition with some signs of age and use.

Yki Nummi is considered one of the most remarkable Scandinavian designers who worked between the 1950s and the 1970s.
He worked as lighting designer for the Finnish Stockmann-Orno luminaire factory from 1950-1975. Nummi was a pioneer in his field particularly when it came to designing acrylic lamps. In addition to designing lighting, Nummi was an expert in colour schemes and design. He was awarded gold medals for his works at the Milan Triennials of 1954 and 1957.

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DesignerYki NummiManufacturertockmann-OrnoModelTuomasYear1960Materialacrylic, brassMeasurementsH 53 cm x Ø 40 cmQuantity1Conditiongood original conditionPriceon request

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