De gebroeders Miedema

Harry Miedema (1954) Lives and works in Amsterdam NL
Hessel Miedema (1962) Lives and works in Groningen NL
Peter Miedema (1967) Lives and works in Utrecht NL

“For many years we, Harry, Hessel and Peter, have been showing our work in exhibition. Not only individually, but also collectively by the name of the Miedema Brothers.
The Miedema Brothers represents our artistic union in which we, each in our own way, continue to spin the thread of romanticism and symbolism into a wonderful world where animals rule by different rules.”

All for one, and one for all! This could be the motto of the artists and brothers Harry, Hessel and Peter. It’s not because of their family ties, but because it spontaneously comes to mind if you see their work. Does this imply that their individual talent is subordinated to the group? No, on the contrary. The artistic bond between the brothers isn’t preconceived. Their individual inspiration and their curiosity for the work of the others, which they question regularly, create a dynamic interaction. Their drawings breath kinship. They share a particular atmosphere but are not similar. The artistic outcome is exciting because none of them allows restrictions to be posed upon him by the others.

In an era in which the interest of the individual is paramount, this extraordinary phenomenon justifies its existence by its spontaneity. It renders the search for the need or the purpose for their cooperation superfluous.

The romantic approach according to the Brothers Miedema
Harry, Hessel and Peter depict a mythical world in their elaborated drawings. But do not be misguided! That the work originates from intuition instead of rationality does not make it ethereal. Freed from the pressure of reasoning, the depiction and interpretation of daily reality is reinforced with emotion and imagination in a restrained manner. If you observe the drawings their resemblances and differences elicit a unique effect. Elements omitted by one may be emphasised by the others. Together they create a miraculous world that intrigues by its beauty and force.

Disturbingly beautiful
The pictorial expression of all three brothers is characterised by vulnerability and longing. Their drawings refer to moods from the romantic 19th century. But they also show an intense world of passion, beauty and decay that is from all ages. Their drawings catch intention without being intimidating. The restrained but peculiar and sometimes macabre atmosphere does not leave the spectator in sleepy dullness. Disturbingly beautiful is the common opinion.


Text © Claar Griffioen

Exhibitions  (selection)

2023 Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis Leiden t/m 27 augustus Japanse fabels door de GebroedersMiedema.
2022 Stedelijk museum kampen Secret Garden Carolijn Smit & de Gebroeders Miedema.
2022 Jan v Hoof galerie Den Bosch Dieren dromen de gebroeders Miedema.
2022 KUNSTRAI Amsterdam galerie Jan v Hoof.2021 Jan v Hoof galerie Den Bosch Happu Futures.
2020 Museum Belvédère de Gebroeders Miedema & Zwerus Adrianus Stolk
2018 Museum de Buitenplaats Eelde Tekenen nu.2017 Museum Waterland Purmerend Tekenkabinet.
2016 Museum Belvédère in het spoor van Mankes.
2015 Witteveen Visual art centre Amsterdam Tekeningenfestival #2.
2015 Pictura Groningen Composita Colorita (H.N.Werkman jaar).
2014 Museum Singer Laren Droomkunst 1900&2000 (collectie G.v. Wezel).
2014 Amsterdam drawing 2014 Witteveen Visual art centre Amsterdam.
2014 Witteveen Visual art centre Amsterdam de Gebroeders Miedema Der Orchideengarten
2012 Dek22 Rotterdam Prikkeldraad.
2004 The Living Room Amsterdam de Gebroeders Miedema.
2002 Galerie Wijk Groningen de gebroeders Miedema.
2002 The Living Room Amsterdam de Gebroeders Miedema.
2001 Flatland galerie Utrecht Italia, il richiamo eterno.
1997 Museum ’t Coopmanshûs Franeker Roots verdomme roots de Gebroeders Miedema.