Through the Backyard
03.03.24  |  07.04.24

Lisanne Hoogerwerf
Nikkie le Nobel
Patricia Paludanus
Joris Link

The images created by Lisanne Hoogerwerf show desolated and abandoned landscapes where you would expect human presence. But it is never there. Her meticulously constructed miniature landscapes show a mysterious and sometimes dystopian world, dreamy but she also allows some critical statements in her work.

Patricia Paludanus lives and works in Amsterdam. However, it might be closer to the truth to say she actually resides in the topography of her drawings: meticulous, laborious works that have their genesis in the unspoken dreams and mindscapes of her imagination. Yet, far from being a hermit, she invites the viewer to enter these intimate spaces and explore abstract, surreal worlds that may unlock the unconscious.

In an essay about the work of Nikkie le Nobel, artist Frits Achten aptly describes her work ‘what at first view seemed to be so obvious and clear, becomes on closer inspection a vague space without base nor horizon, an elusive web of veils, layers and leaf strips, filled with plants, surfaces and shadows, growing in front of or behind each other, before disintegrating again.’ ‘These are not paintings you walk into at all that easy. They are constructions which attract and spurn, mazes in which you can get yourself lost.’

Joris Link lives and works in ’s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands.
The ceramic sculptures of Joris Link are about shapes, structures and contrasts. Often using repetition, constructed of serial produced elements which, depending on the space, are combined in different ways to become bigger sculptures. The sculptures are often monumental but can also be small objects. They tickle the imagination and form a relationship with its surroundings.
Characteristic of Joris Link his work is his own idiom of form and use of colours displaying beautiful craftsmanship. For this he was rewarded the National Ceramics Price 2023.

We are delighted to announce the exhibition will be inaugurated on the 3th of March at 4 pm by art historian Rebecca Nelemans.

You are most welcome to attend and enjoy the festive opening over a drink and a bite on the 3rd of March!

Opening hours exhibition fri-sat-sun 1.00-5.00 pm
Closed on Sunday March 10th and March 24th  2024



Fine Arts, Fine Dining

In collaboration with our neighbours Paulina Kasimovaitė and Kalai van Vossen, who last year opened the doors of their culinary restaurant Cellar Door, located just around the corner of Visavu Gallery, we thought it would be a great opportunity to create a lovely special “opening of the show’-dining event; exclusively for our invites who will be joining the opening of the upcoming show ‘Through the Backyard’.

To continue the afternoon after the opening of the exhibition, an exclusive tasting at the restaurant will be offered  at a very attractive price. Chef Kalai and sommelier Paulina will be creating a special range of exclusive dishes, inspired by the artworks on show at Visavu gallery.

Usually Restaurant Cellar Door offers an evening taking culinary experience with fourteen special dishes. On the 3rth of March however, you will have the opportunity to experience a smaller ‘limited edition’ of this concept. Tempted? You can submit your ‘VISAVU’ reservation for March 3rd 2024 at www.restaurantcellardoor.com. Please note the restaurant has limited seat capacity for 20 guests.





Walking the Fields of Dreams
26.11.23  |  21.01.24

Aron Demetz (1972, Italy), Dov Ganchrow (1970, Israel/USA) and Hans Lemmen (1959, NL/B) are no strangers to the world of art and design.

These three artists from different countries, each from his own discipline, have found each other in their shared fascination for prehistory. Where else in history than at the beginning of mankind could our place on earth be better discussed? Their work is strongly linked to the place where they live and work, both in content and materials. The three artists regularly collaborate and debate with archaeologists through exhibitions, conferences and academic papers and most importantly by means of art projects.

The first presentation of the collaborative project of these three artists at Gallery Visavu is the start of a series of exhibitions that will visit (archaeological) museums at home and abroad.
At the start, individual works by the three artists will be shown. Gradually during the collaboration, the share of works created ‘in situ’ will increase. In 2025, the first museum presentation will take place at the Prehistory Museum in Ramioul, [B] south of Liège. 

Luc Amkreutz, Professor of Public Archaeology at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University, and  Curator Prehistory of the Netherlands | National Museum of Antiquities in Leiden will introduce and officially open the exhibition on Sunday 26th of November at 4pm. The gallery will be open that afternoon from 3-6pm.

The exhibition Walking the Fields of Dreams will be on view from November 26th 2023 to January 21st 2024. 

Opening hours fri-sat-sun 1.00-5.00 pm
Closed on December 10th -24th-31rd and on January 14th.2024.



Force of Nature
0110  |  0511  2023 

Second group show with sculptures and drawings by Maarten Ceulemans [B]
paintings and work on paper by Tamara Muller [NL]
and  drawings by
 Rachel Wolfson Smith [US]

Force of Nature is an exhibition showcasing the work of three artists who create their work from a factor that binds them. Both in material, healing capacity, the power of human nature and overgrowth, the force of nature is reflected in their artworks. All three are skilful artists and masterly in the way they use their materials and tools. Even in the unfinished parts of the works of art, they show their power by not giving in to the attempt to finish it all. These blank parts invite the viewer to wander around the sculpture or in the painting, to rest the eyes on an open space in a drawing. They leave space for contemplation and thus involve the viewer in the artwork.

The force of nature is a source for all three artists from which they work. Unravelling the world that surrounds us and weaving it back together into a self-formed reality is something that binds them. The figuration in their work draws you into it because of the recognisability of form and appearance. It is fascinating to become part of the imagination of these artists that lets you go back and forth between humour, morbidity, beauty and emotion.

The exhibition Force of Nature is the successful result of three amazing artists whose work reinforces each other and is a feast for the eyes and the senses.


Opening hours exhibition
01.10.2023 -05.11.2023  Fri-Sat-Sun  | 13h00 -17h00
and by appointment.
Closed on Sunday  15.10.23 and 29.10.2023


” as a promise”

04 06 | 2023

Opening of Visavu Art & Design gallery
Sunday 4th of June 2023   |  15.00 tot 18.00H
Vissersdijk 35 B  Woudrichem

04 06  |  09 07  2023

First group show with paintings by Udona Boerema, drawings by Anouk Griffioen, drawings by de Gebroeders Miedema, photography by Stijn Rompa, sculptures by Mariëtte van der Ven and watercolors and sculptures by Warffemius.

Opening hours exhibition

Fri -Sat | 14h00 -18h00
2nd and 4th Sunday/month | 14h00  – 18h00 and by appointment.