Patricia Paludanus (1974)

Dutch born artist Patricia Paludanus (1974) lives and works in Amsterdam. However, it might be closer to the truth to say she actually resides in the topography of her drawings: meticulous, laborious works that have their genesis in the unspoken dreams and mindscapes of her imagination. Yet, far from being a hermit, she invites the viewer to enter these intimate spaces and explore abstract, surreal worlds that may unlock the unconscious.

Having rediscovered the colored pencil after decades of working in media as diverse as kinetic art, animation, photography, and light sculptures, Paludanus uses this material in a curious, unrecognizable way, hard-edge and graphic, applying almost pulsating combinations of pigments in thick, dense coats that she then burnishes, a process that makes the paper’s textured surface look like leather.

Turning color into object – something to hold, feel, taste – and transforming a sheet into a portal, she uses a process of free association to draw herself – and us – back to an early magical seeing that we all must have experienced when our eyes were brand new. Patricia Paludanus has exhibited her drawings both in the Netherlands and internationally, with BDDW gallery in New York City, Miami Beach and Milan and recently in The Hague at the U.S. Delegation to the OPCW, as part of the U.S. Art in Embassies program. Her work is supported by the Mondriaan Fund

Patricia Paludanus (Voorburg, The Netherlands, 1974)

Relevant Education

1993 – 1998 Study and graduation at the Aki, Academy of Art and design, Enschede, the Netherlands. Specialization: Media Art and Photography. BA: Media Art.

Solo/Duo Exhibitions

2023 The Space Within, duo show with Suzanne Jongmans, Galerie Wilms, Venlo, The Netherlands.
2020 CAVE LIGHT, duo show with Cara Tomlinson, BDDW Gallery, New York City
2017 Patricia Paludanus & Hugo Rompa, Cucu, Amsterdam
2016 Paludanus& Weitenberg, Amphora Art, Amsterdam
2016 Colour Songs, De Ceuvel, Amsterdam.
2011 SOLO, retrospective exhibition, KunstKerk, Amsterdam.
2005 “Body Stories – Part One”, solo, Korzo theater,The Hague.
1999 Tekenen Met Licht (“drawing with light”) duo show with Robbie Cornelissen, “Outline” gallery, Amsterdam.

Group Shows

2023 Art the Hague, Moving Gallery, The Hague.
2023 Paper Positions Berlin, Moving Gallery, Berlin.
2023 Art on Paper Amsterdam, Scriptum Art Books, Amsterdam.
2023 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam
2022 Ding-A-Dong, The Curators Room, Amsterdam
2022 Art In Embassies Exhibition, U.S. Delegation to the OPCW, The Hague.
2022 Summershow, Adoráble Art + Design, The Hague
2022 Art Amsterdam / KunstRai, Amuse (Galerie Wilms) and Adoráble Art + Design, Amsterdam.
2022 Works on Paper, Moving Gallery, Utrecht.
2021 Through the Mirage, Fitzrovia Gallery, Londen.
2021 Art the Hague, Adoráble Art + Design, The Hague
2021 Art Amsterdam / KunstRai, Adoráble Art + Design, Amsterdam
2021 This Art Fair, solo booth, Amsterdam
2021 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam
2020 #Artistsupportpledge, De Balie, Amsterdam
2020  Passages / KunstRai presentation Adoráble Art + Design, The Hague
2020 “This Art Truck”, Amsterdam
2020 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam
2019 Pulse Art Fair, Miami Art Week, BDDW Annex Gallery, Miami Beach.
2019 Art The Hague, Adórable Art + Design, also presenting with Popinnart, The Hague.
2019 Take Five, Adoráble Art + Design, The Hague.
2019 Spazio Azzurro, Adoráble Art + Design, The Hague.
2019 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam.
2019 Great Artists Steal, Popinnart, Loods 6, Amsterdam.
2019 Fuorisalone, Milan Design Week, BDDW Annex Gallery, Milaan.
2019 Inaugural show BDDW Annex Gallery, New York City.
2018 PopinnArt, Amsterdam.
2018 Tekenkabinet, Amsterdam.
2017 Summershow, Nieuw Dakota, Amsterdam.
2016 “Introductions 2016”, Trestle Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.

Group Shows before 2016, a selection

2015 “You’ve got mail”, #Newcollectorbk”, Groundfloor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2012 “Spelen op de grens van het onmogelijke”, Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede (with Bill Spinhoven, Job Horst, Michiel Koelink, Kees Aafjes.)
2011 Plants by Night, Gallerie Moon, Amsterdam.
2010 “Close up”, BAG Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2009 “Programmed” BAG Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2009 “Ode aan de meester”(Rutger ten Broeke), Galerie Objectief, Enschede.
2008 “Rockers and Posers”, BAG Gallery, New York.
2007 “Politics of Power”, BAG Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2007 “Small works show” BAG Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2006 “Het Buitenste Binnen”,  Statues of the Enschede Municipal Collection (with Joep van Lieshout, Merijn Bolink, Maria Roosen, Hans Hovy en Helen Frik.)
2006 Co-curator/participant “Bodywise”, Kunstkerk, Amsterdam.
2003 Living Lights, series of design lamps, Galerie K.I.S, Amsterdam.
2002 “AKI ontplooid”, Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede.
2000 “Werkplaats: Emmen”, CBK Het Bruggebouw, Emmen.
1999 “Eclectisisme”, Der Kulturfabrik, Krefeld, Duitsland.
1999 “Video Art Friesland”, Galerie Romein, Leeuwarden.
1999 “Beeld” Medi@haarlem, curated by Montevideo/TBA, Haarlem.
1998 “Reset”, organized by TARt (Technics and Art), Rijksmuseum Twente, Enschede.
1998 Graduation Show Media Art Department MAD at the Aki, Enschede.

Other Showings Of Work

2007-2010 Co-producer documentary “Balance” by Mahalia Cohen, New York, premiere January 2010, as well as video work used in this Amerikaanse documentary about one legged ballet dancer Homer Avila.
2005 One Legged Warrior, Fotocollages, Homer Avila Memorial, st Marks Church, New York City.
2004 Video in performance “MeMoRe” by choreographer Tomi Paasonen, Berlin.

Commissions Public Space

2001 By the city of Enschede: Animated Light Sculpture integrated in the wall of disctrict office of municipality Enschede (dimensions: 10 x 50 metres)

International Projects

2003-2005 “Body and Mind” in collaboration with the New York dancer/choreographer Homer
Avila, pre study traveling with William Forsythe’s Ballet Frankfurt.
1999-2000 “Carrecleta Nahuatl”, Nicaragua. Design & execution of costumes/objects with the Amsterdam object theater group “Monsterverbond”, a collaboration between Dutch and Nicaraguan theatermakers/visual artists in Nicaragua.)


2017-2018 Mellius, artistic execution of stage design for Heptakosmoj project at Studio Mellius, Amsterdam.
2007-2010 Mahalia Cohen (New York): documentary about Homer Avila, American dancer / choreographer and his artistic development following the amputation of his leg in 2001 till his death in 2004.
2003, 2004 Homer Avila (New York): video work, photography.
1997 Felix Kubin (Hamburg, Germany): video & sound art.

Grants and Stipends

For talent, awarded by Mondriaan Funds (Previously Stichting Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst in Amsterdam):
Bewezen Talent (2021)

Basisstipendium (2002 – 2006)
Startstipendium (2001 – 2002)
Startstipendium (1999 – 2000)


2021 Drawing “Great Expectations II”, LAM museum, Lisse.

+/- 150 works are in international private collections.