Robert Wogensky tapestry “Serpent d’Etoile”, France 1965

Important museum quality wool tapestry “Serpent d’Etoiles” by Robert Wogensky (born 1919), edited by Tabard frères et soeurs, Aubusson, France 1965. The tapestry is based on a design -carton- from 1961, hand-woven by the Tabard Brothers and Sisters factory in Aubusson 1965. Signed and monogrammed from the editor Tabard in the lower right. Also on the lower right of the tapestry “Wogensky”. Labeled and signed on the backside. This tapestry is perfectly woven, with a very fine point for a tapestry of this size.

Wogensky’s themes are a hymn to nature: Waters, Constellations, Fires, Birds. This tapestry “Serpent d’Etoiles” belongs to the series dedicated to the Cosmos: Cassiopeia, Astarte, Three Stars sparkle, Galaxy. Robert Wogensky remains one of the few survivors of the generation of artists who took his first steps in the inheritance of Jean Lurçat; able to create woven works of art. The technique of tapestry weaving based on design in carton. Wogensky developed a poetry and a style that will quickly and deeply mark the sixties in decorative art and design. Technical research conducted by the artist in cooperation with the ateliers in Aubusson, learned him to work with repeating combinations in cartons.

This tapestry “Serpent d’Etoiles” shows much resemblance with (and can be regarded as a pre-study for) the important large Tapestry “Cosmos” that was created by Wogensky for the University of Strasbourg in 1969. ”Cosmos”, one of his masterpieces has been classified as Unesco heritage. Unlike the “Cosmos” tapestry in Strasbourg, this edition of “Serpent d’Etoile” was very well kept and remains in an excellent original condition, no discoloring, no tears.

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DesignerRobert WogenskyManufacturerTabard frères et soeurs AubussonModel"Serpent d’Etoiles”Year1965Materialhand-woven woolMeasurements1 x 260 x 196 CM (D x W x H)Quantity1ConditionExcellentPriceSOLD

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